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Why We're Different

We’re proud of being different. For us, different means not only creating custom-fit pieces, but being a custom-fit store. By producing all of our pieces on-site in Atlanta, we are able to expertly engineer every aspect of your shopping experience, both online and off. Our skilled artisans craft every piece by hand in a wide range of skins — calf, ostrich, lizard, python, crocodile, American alligator, bison, and shark — in a full spectrum of colors. No matter the look or feel you’re searching for, we’re sure to have it.

American Alligator

Our incredible American alligator skin belts are our pride and joy. This durable skin has been harvested for hundreds of years, but its introduction into the world of high-end fashion is thanks to its versatility and beautiful scaling. Each alligator skin that comes through our design house is inspected to be of the highest standard of quality before becoming one of our famous belts. Whether in matte or glossy, our alligator belts are a tradition in themselves, a rite-of-passage purchase that will last a lifetime.

From Beginning to End

Our small production volume allows us to enforce the highest standards of quality. All of our straps are cut, sewn, and polished in our factory. They are paired with their buckles and sent out into our storefront, or they’re adjusted for a custom order. Either way, they arrive to their new owner in a black flannel bag and, if requested, a beautiful alligator-embossed gift box.

The Buckle

w.kleinberg works not only in alligator and exotic leathers, but in metals as well. Our buckles are cast in brass, .925 sterling silver, 14kt gold, and even platinum. These investment pieces can be a statement or a subtle staple. We can even build a custom strap around a buckle you already have.

We are one of only a few leather workers who create straps to accompany the iconic “H” buckle by Hermes.

The Result

By taking such care to create pieces that our customers are happy with, we have crafted belts, handbags, wallets, and accessories that have been featured in some of the biggest fashion publications, and are carried in the country’s most elite stores, boutiques, and haberdasheries.

We won’t let the fame go to our head, though. We’ll continue to hand-select and hand-make our products, and provide free shipping in the U.S.

Made up Your Mind?

If you think we’re the company to provide you with your next luxury leather piece, head over to our store or explore online and check out some of our products.

If you have a few more questions, or want to place a custom order, feel free to give us a call at 888-404-7131, or fill out our online contact form.