Which Leather is Best for Belts?

Which Leather is Best for Belts?

Jul 8th 2020

Not sure which leather belt to buy? We carry a variety of high-quality men’s leather belts made from a variety of animal skins, and in this post, we’ll help you by explaining which leather is best for belts.

Full Grain Leather Belts

Full grain leather belts tend to be the highest quality, because the top layer of the hide provides strong and durable material. This, along with the natural aesthetics you don’t get from other types of leather, lead to genuine, full grain leather to generally be considered best for belts.

With more than 80 different premium calf and exotic leathers, our collection encompasses a variety of textures and colors. Each belt is handmade in our Atlanta factory to maintain the quality of the materials and produce a long-lasting belt.

Popular Animal Skin Belts

Alligator Belts & Crocodile Belts

Our most popular exotic belts are -- alligator belts and crocodile belts, as they are long-lasting and versatile. The darker shades and shiny finish allow them to be used as dress belts, while the lighter colors and matte finish lend themselves to casual belts and belts you can wear with jeans.

For the best result, we use smaller, high grade skins for their great texture and few imperfections. Shown above is our Caiman Crocodile, popular for its soft semi-matte finish.

Calfskin Belts

These are considered to be the most likely answer when looking for the best leather for your belt. Calfskin leather belts are best made from small hides that provide softness and durability, with few imperfections. They are substantial enough to be worn often, yet flexible enough to provide comfort and movement.


We use many types of leather and animal skins to create our luxury leather and exotic skin belts. In general, the best leather for genuine leather belts is a calfskin belt made of full grain leather. We hope you found this information useful when shopping.

We wrote this blog post based on generally held opinions and our years of expertise in designing hand-crafted belts for our customers in our factory in Atlanta, Georgia. We highlighted a few of our favorites, however other leathers, such as ostrich, lizard, and bison, possess their own individual qualities and style benefits. To find a belt that fits your particular taste and needs, you can shop our belts by lifestyle